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DISH Network workers in Texas ratify first contract after decade-long fight

Workers at DISH Network (CWA Local 6171) ratified their first contract after a decade-long organizing and bargaining battle, becoming the first group of workers in the country to successfully negotiate a contract at DISH. This is a major victory for CWA and other DISH workers around the country who are fighting for a voice on the job.

The new 2-year agreement covers network technicians and warehouse employees and includes promotions for all technicians who have completed 12 months of service at their current Tech Level, modified requirements for promotions by eliminating the need for quality assurance inspections and safety inspections, up to two hours off on work days for workers to vote during elections, just cause language, a grievance procedure, wage increases, improved working conditions, and more.

The workers have been bargaining for a first contract since 2010. Throughout this long battle for a voice on the job, they withstood countless attacks from the company including an anti-union campaign, several NLRB court fights, illegal firings and intimidation of workers in retaliation for their efforts to gain a fair contract, and more. The company went as far as attempting to decertify the union at two separate times during the negotiations. Both were defeated by the workers who voted to keep their CWA representation.


Dish Network bargaining update (CWA, Jan. 20, 2022)