FCC judge calls for an investigation of Sinclair

An FCC Administrative Law Judge has called for a thorough investigation of Sinclair’s unsuccessful bid to buy Tribune Media, finding indications that Sinclair may have misled regulators. “[A]n examination of the misrepresentation and/or lack of candor allegations raised in this proceeding is warranted as part of a more general assessment of Sinclair’s basic character qualifications to be a Commission licensee,” said Judge Jane Halprin.

The failed $3.9 billion deal would have resulted in a broadcast behemoth, harming localism, reducing viewpoint diversity, and killing jobs. It would have given Sinclair the ability to push its political spin into more than 70 percent of US television households.

Free Press has called on the FCC to examine the allegations of dishonesty by Sinclair in early renewal proceedings, and, if the allegations prove true, it is asking the FCC “to revoke Sinclair’s broadcast licenses and return the public airwaves to broadcasters that will serve their communities and comply with the law and with FCC rules.”


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