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Frontier Communications settles with Minnesota AG over deceptive billing and sales practices

20 Jul, 2020

Frontier Communications has settled a Minnesota attorney general lawsuit over its deceptive billing and sales practices. The settlement requires Frontier to spend at least $10 million over four years to improve service quality and to refund $750,000 to customers in the state. Frontier provides telephone and Internet service to about 90,000 customers in Minnesota. 

“For too many Minnesotans, Frontier broke its promises,” said Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. “With this settlement with Frontier, and following the resolution of our lawsuits against CenturyLink and Comcast/Xfinity, now most Minnesotans can trust that they’ll be getting what they paid for from their telecoms providers, and that they’re paying what they were promised and no more.”

Last year, a Minnesota Department of Commerce report found that Frontier Communications has failed to provide adequate, reliable phone and Internet service to its Minnesota customers. In 2018, CWA Local 7270 President Mark Doffing spoke at a MN PUC hearing, highlighting how Frontier has left the community behind through a lack of investment in their local workforce. 


Minnesota AG's office settles with Frontier Communications (Associated Press, Jul. 13, 2020)

MN Commerce Department recommends Frontier add staffing to improve customer service (Speed Matters, Jan. 15, 2019)


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