Frontier workers in California fight for fair contract

Frontier workers in California have been picketing to raise awareness and increase pressure on the company to negotiate a fair contract with the union. In the LA Times coverage of a picket organized by CWA Local 9510 in Huntington Beach, workers shared their grievances against the company which has failed to meet the demands of the nearly 2,000 Frontier workers represented by CWA in California. The current contract has expired and the workers have overwhelmingly passed a strike authorization vote that gives the union the ability to strike if necessary. 

“The company would prefer to work with all contractors,” said Frontier technician Tom Gardella to LA Times. “[But] the contractors aren’t as invested as the employees. We’re in it for the quality because we’re in this for the long term. They’re in it for the piece-work.”

Frontier workers across the state continue to mobilize and fight for a fair contract. Visit the CWA District 9 website for more information on Frontier bargaining. 

Frontier workers in California picketing for a fair contract.


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