High-speed Internet is infrastructure

President Joe Biden has five words for Republicans who say that his American Jobs Plan should be scaled back to focus on "traditional" infrastructure like roads and bridges: "High speed internet is infrastructure."

In remarks about his plan, President Biden said, "We need to start seeing infrastructure through its effect on the lives of working people in America. What is the foundation today that they need to carve out their place in the middle class? ... That's what infrastructure means in the 21st Century. It still depends on roads and bridges, ports and airports, rail and mass transit. But it also depends on having reliable high-speed internet in every home. Because today's high speed internet is infrastructure."

As part of the plan, Biden specifically calls on Congress to pass the PRO Act so workers who are helping rebuild our country are able join unions and bargain strong contracts. Projects funded through the plan using taxpayer dollars will pay prevailing wages, require employer neutrality in union organizing, and follow strong labor standards, ensuring that bottom-feeding contractors cannot undercut union workers.

Watch President Biden's remarks here.



High-speed Internet is infrastructure (CWA, Apr. 15, 2021)