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More than 42 million Americans lack broadband access, BroadbandNow finds

17 May, 2021

A review of terrestrial broadband internet availability (wired or fixed wireless) in 58,000 addresses by BroadbandNow found that at least 42 million Americans do not have access to broadband and that broadband availability for all technologies, including DSL, fiber, cable and fixed wireless are over-reported. These findings suggest serious inaccuracies with the FCC’s broadband maps as the broadband technology reported to the FCC was incorrect in more than 12 percent of the addresses that BroadbandNow checked. 


BroadbandNow Estimates Availability for all 50 States; Confirms that More than 42 Million Americans Do Not Have Access to Broadband (BroadbandNow, May 12, 2021)


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