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More Perfect Union highlights Verizon Wireless’ anti-union tactics

29 Apr, 2022

A new video from More Perfect Union highlights the challenges that workers at Verizon Wireless stores in Everett and Lynnwood, WA, are facing in the workplace and why they are forming a union with CWA to address them. 

“I have made less money every year for nine years in a row,” said Austin Hitch, a Verizon worker who is featured in the video. “Verizon made up to four and a half billion dollars in profit, but they’re taking up to forty percent in hard-earned commission checks from their frontline employees,” added Steve Yu, another Verizon employee featured in the video.

For years, the workers have been facing retaliation by senior management and poor working conditions, including understaffing and unlivable wages. Instead of addressing the workers’ concerns, Verizon has engaged in aggressive anti-union tactics, including flying out their in-house union-busting team to Seattle.


CWA Organizing Update (CWA, Apr. 14, 2022)



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