Most Americans support government regulation of online platforms, Consumer Reports survey finds

About 60 percent of Americans support government regulation of online platforms, including interoperability features, according to a survey of 3,219 people by Consumer Reports. Seventy-nine percent of Americans say Big Tech mergers and acquisitions unfairly undermine competition and consumer choice, 58 percent are not confident they are getting objective and unbiased search results, and 85 percent of Americans are either very concerned or somewhat concerned about the collection of their personal data by online platforms.

“This survey shows that Americans are alarmed about the negative impact that a handful of giant technology platforms are having on their daily lives,” said George Slover, senior policy counsel at Consumer Reports. “Consumers can see firsthand the harms these companies are causing, and recognize that it is denying them the range of quality choices for products and services at fair prices.”

CWA has long maintained that many online platforms have too much power over people’s lives. In December 2017, CWA filed a class-action lawsuit against multiple large employers for their use of Facebook to prevent millions of older Americans from seeing job ads. CWA is also a member of Freedom From Facebook and Google, a coalition demanding the Federal Trade Commission curb the power of Facebook and Google.  


Consumer attitudes regarding the business practices of online platforms (Consumer Reports, Sep. 24, 2020)