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New report exposes Google Fiber contractors, reinforces union workers as the safest option

The Texas Climate Jobs Project (TCJP), partnering with CWA, released a new report that highlights the impact low-road contractors in the broadband industry have on workers and consumers. The report, entitled “What Lies Beneath” focuses on Google Fiber, a high-profile company that relies heavily on contractors, and offers a deep dive into contracted out work. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations, low wages, lack of safety enforcement, and damage to customer property and public utilities are among the characteristics the report found dominated contracted out work.

With interviews and videos from 14 CWA members, the report lays out why union members are the best option to safely and effectively build out our broadband infrastructure. The report will help CWA members educate relevant policy makers as they continue their work to Build Broadband Better, bridge the digital divide, and fight for good union jobs.


New report exposes contractors, reinforces union workers as the safest option (CWA, June 2, 2022)