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New York State approves Charter, Time Warner deal with conditions

New York State regulators approved Charter’s $55 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable – with a few conditions. The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) ruled that its approval of the deal is contingent on Charter agreeing to provide a minimum service speed of 60 Mbps throughout the state; to provide Internet, video, and phone services to all households within the current Time Warner Cable footprint; to provide 300 Mbps Internet speeds to all New Yorkers by 2019; and to invest $50 million in customer service and maintain employment levels for employees that interact with customers.

“I’m hopeful that with all of these conditions,” PSC chair Audrey Zibelman said, “we really are going to be in a position that in the next several years we’re going to see all New Yorkers have access to well-priced, high-speed, modern Internet services.”

The deal still needs approval from the state of California, the US Department of Justice, and the Federal Communications Commission, whose review is expected to be completed by next month.

New York State Approves Charter, Time Warner Cable Merger (DSL Reports, Jan. 8, 2016)