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T-Mobile cuts over 5,000 jobs after Sprint takeover

T-Mobile has cut over 5,000 jobs after the Sprint takeover, despite promises to regulators that the merged company would be job positive "from day one."

"We knew that T-Mobile couldn't be trusted to keep its promises. That's why we pushed for enforceable commitments from T-Mobile on jobs during the merger process," a CWA spokesperson told Ars Technica. "Regulators need to take a close look at what's happening at T-Mobile and get serious about protecting jobs as part of their oversight of corporate mergers."

In 2018, CWA estimated that the merger was likely to eliminate 30,000 jobs, with authorized retailers and prepaid stores being hit the hardest. 


POST-MERGER JOB CUTS — “We knew T-Mobile couldn’t be trusted,” union says after 5,000 job cuts (Fierce Wireless, Mar. 1, 2021)