Viral video shows dangers of Sinclair-Tribune merger

Deadspin, a popular blog, compiled recordings of news anchors from across the country reciting their Sinclair-authored anti-media screed. The results illustrate the real dangers of media consolidation – how central control of narrative can turn local journalists into tools for political propaganda.

Sinclair journalists are speaking out against video, highlighting Sinclair’s “must-run” editorial practice that forces local news anchors to read corporate-written scripts. One Sinclair producer in Nebraska resigned to protest what he called Sinclair's "obvious bias." The resigning producer told CNN: "This is almost forcing local news anchors to lie to their viewers."

Sinclair wants to buy Tribune for $3.9 billion, creating a broadcasting behemoth and giving Sinclair the ability to push its political spin into more than 70% of US television households. The merger is currently under review at the DOJ and the FCC. It should be denied.



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