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Windstream adding video to its fiber network

05 Oct, 2014

This week, Speed Matters reported on a number of smaller cable carriers who are dropping pay-TV to concentrate solely on broadband, including Internet TV.

At the same time, Little Rock-based Windstream is launching Kinetic, a fiber-carried TV option available to 50,000 homes in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Windstream is offering the service bundled with telephone and high-speed broadband.

Kinetic is, in corporate-speak, “a total entertainment option that leverages the company’s existing 100 percent fiber-backed network to provide customers with a wide array of features that will enable the highest quality video entertainment.”

Windstream’s move, while not a serious challenge to traditional cable carriers, is evidence that people want to access video bundled with or via their broadband.

Small cable companies dropping TV in favor of Internet (Speed Matters, Oct. 2, 2014)

Windstream announces next-generation TV entertainment service, “Kinetic” (Windstream corp. release, Oct. 2, 2014)


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