“[W]e have to understand where communications fell short, where recovery took too long, and what changes can be made to make our networks more resilient before the next unthinkable event occurs,” said FCC Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel.
“As the state moves forward with its aggressive and laudable plans to ensure all Californians have access and the means to use broadband and wireless services, we must also collaboratively discuss the quality of those services,” said Amy Yip-Kikugawa, Acting Director of the Public Advocates Office.
“The company would prefer to work with all contractors,” said Frontier technician Tom Gardella to the LA Times. “[But] the contractors aren’t as invested as the employees. We’re in it for the quality because we’re in this for the long term. They’re in it for the piece-work.”
We've made a few small changes at a new version of the speed test--with more to come in the next few months.
High speed internet continues to change people's lives in ways big and small. The latest evidence is a study by eMarketer, a market research firm, showing that an estimated 80 million Americans will use the internet for banking and bill paying this year.
A recent editorial in the Cleveland Plain Dealer made a strong case for universal high speed internet access in Ohio and in the rest of the country.
When we sent the new Speed Test report to Congress, you did the crucial legwork and followed up with your Senators. Some said they got the run around, others reported their Senator's staff was familiar with the report and being overrun by calls. One person even spoke directly with their Senator!
For moms struggling to balance their careers and their families, high speed internet has become an extremely useful tool to stay connected.
The latest issue of Newsweek promises its readers "178 Things You Need to Know." One of those things is the dismal state of high speed internet access in the United States.
Despite being one of our country's most wired states, Maryland has had its own problems with high speed internet access.
Mark Lloyd has written a terrific rundown of universal high speed internet access for the Center for American Progress.