As a merger commitment, the FCC has banned Charter from placing data caps on customers or charging streaming video providers interconnection fees until 2023.
Billionaire Paul Singer is the CEO of the hedge fund Elliott Management which has launched a predatory campaign to destroy AT&T.
Writers for Lovestruck, a mobile game produced by Voltage Entertainment USA, return to work after management agrees to pay increases averaging 78 percent and increased transparency at work.
CenturyLink's fiber-to-the-home service is capable of providing symmetrical speeds of up to 940 Mbps.
“The Heroes Act is an important next step in our country’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, providing compensation and critical health and safety protections for workers,” CWA said in a press statement.
The average 5G speed in the US is 52.3 Mbps, compared to 224 Mbps in South Korea.
"It is clearer than ever that affordable broadband is essential,” the letter reads. “Yet tens of millions of Americans don't have broadband Internet at home."
The failed $3.9 billion deal would have resulted in a broadcast behemoth, harming localism, reducing viewpoint diversity, and killing jobs.
According to the FCC, 18.3 million people in the US still lacked access to fixed broadband speeds of 25/3 Mbps in 2018. Unfortunately, the FCC’s data likely understates the problem.
The employees targeted for interrogation by Verizon had signed a petition calling on Verizon to implement in-person anti-racism training across the entire company.
“As our financial, educational, social, civic, and healthcare needs become more dependent on the Internet during this crisis, Congress must commit to ensuring that no one loses connectivity,” urged the Senators.