The former Nokia employees worked in now-closed Omaha Telecommunications facility; many could lose health insurance through no fault of their own.
The Broadband Research Base is a searchable collection of reports, studies, and journal articles that address the impact of broadband and digital inclusion on community and individual well-being.
“Both the original transaction and proposed settlement agreement raise the threat of higher phone bills, less choice, fewer jobs, and worse wages for hardworking Americans,” said House Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman David N. Cicilline (D-RI).
After Hurricane Michael hit Florida and Georgia last year, Verizon Wireless struggled to restore service, leaving customers and first responders without a way to communicate and hampering recovery efforts. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Rick Scott praised AT&T for its quick response.
CWA’s comments document how CenturyLink’s lack of investment, understaffing, and unreasonable metrics for workers have contributed to its failure to maintain its copper infrastructure.
The task force will attempt to close the digital divide and bring world-class high-speed Internet to rural America by 2025.
Analysis of AT&T financials comes as company lays off hundreds in California.
Announced conditions and commitments do not address jobs and labor market concerns, while rural promises are overstated and don’t hold up to scrutiny.
If done right, this plan would boost the US economy and create millions of jobs, while reducing pollution, combating climate change, and strengthening communities.
In addition to Verizon Wireless workers who attended the meeting, CWA presented a shareholder proposal calling for an independent board chair, highlighting the need for oversight and accountability as the company undertakes risky new business strategies and internal restructuring.
Chris Hughes, who co-founded Facebook along with its current CEO Mark Zuckerberg, published an op-ed in the New York Times calling on the government to break-up Facebook.