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Sinclair chairman to Trump: “We are here to deliver your message”

13 Apr, 2018

As fallout from the Deadspin video of news anchors reciting their Sinclair-authored anti-media screed continues, the Guardian exposed an interview with Sinclair’s chairman. The interview reinforces the criticism that the broadcasting corporation is a mouthpiece for President Trump.

“I just wanted them to be away of the technology,” Sinclair chairman David Smith said to Trump at a meeting during the president’s 2016 election campaign, according to the Guardian. “We are here to deliver your message,” Smith told Trump.

Sinclair wants to buy Tribune for $3.9 billion, creating a broadcasting behemoth and giving Sinclair the ability to push its political spin into more than 70% of US television households. The merger is currently under review at the DOJ and the FCC. It should be denied.



Viral video shows dangers of Sinclair-Tribune merger (Speed Matters, Apr. 5, 2018)

Sinclair TV chairman to Trump: 'We are here to deliver your message' (The Guardian, Apr. 10, 2018)


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