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FTC, state AGs sue Frontier for overbilling, misrepresenting Internet speeds

01 Jun, 2021

The FTC along with attorneys general from Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, and District Attorneys from two California counties have filed a lawsuit against Frontier Communications for failing to deliver on advertised DSL Internet speeds and for engaging in unfair billing practices by charging for more expensive Internet service than provided. The complaint estimates that about 30 percent of Frontier’s DSL subscribers might be affected. 

In 2020, Frontier Communications settled a Minnesota attorney general lawsuit over its deceptive billing and sales practices. The settlement required Frontier to spend at least $10 million over four years to improve service quality and to refund $750,000 to customers in the state.


FTC Sues Frontier Communications for Misrepresenting Internet Speeds (FTC, May 19, 2021)

Frontier Communications settles with Minnesota AG over deceptive billing and sales practices (Speed Matters, May 27, 2021)


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