“Although the FCC Order acknowledges the merger will likely lead to store closures and job loss, the FCC fails to protect workers with employment-related conditions,” said Debbie Goldman, CWA Research and Telecommunications Policy Director.
The lawsuit undermines T-Mobile’s commitments to rural communities as it prepares to defend itself in another lawsuit by the attorneys general from the District of Columbia and 15 states challenging the proposed T-Mobile-Sprint merger.
The outage prevented hundreds of 911 calls from reaching emergency operators.
CenturyLink’s failure to maintain its copper infrastructure jeopardizes service quality and poses significant safety hazards to employees and the public.
“The safety of my constituents is my highest priority and the fact that so many of them are unable to do something as basic as calling 911 for assistance is unacceptable,” said Sen. Joe Manchin.
“The [FirstNet] network equips first responders with priority and preemption across all of the network’s spectrum bands, including Band 14, which Congress dedicated specifically to public safety and no other platform has access to,” said Claude Cummings Jr, CWA District 6 Vice President.
The agreements come after a long campaign to raise public awareness of CWA members’ concerns, particularly around job security.
Two years into the partnership, Verizon’s promises ring hollow as analysis reveals lack of transparency, accountability, and equity.
The summer of #NoMoreOffshoring! attempts to take action to fix the new version of NAFTA, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA).
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission found that CenturyLink did not adequately respond to an outage last year.