The former Nokia employees worked in now-closed Omaha Telecommunications facility; many could lose health insurance through no fault of their own.
The Broadband Research Base is a searchable collection of reports, studies, and journal articles that address the impact of broadband and digital inclusion on community and individual well-being.
“Both the original transaction and proposed settlement agreement raise the threat of higher phone bills, less choice, fewer jobs, and worse wages for hardworking Americans,” said House Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman David N. Cicilline (D-RI).
CWA’s new brief details why Sprint is well-situated to compete as standalone company; shows that T-mobile’s jobs pledge is wholly insufficient; and provides evidence that T-mobile is backtracking on its rural commitment.
“The public still has very little detail about how much geolocation data is being saved and stored—including in ways that may be far too accessible to others,” said Commissioner Rosenworcel.
A carrier self-reported data overstated its coverage and deliverable speeds. The accuracy of the FCC’s broadband access measurement is a serious concern.
CWA releases a set of videos providing workers' personal, firsthand accounts of AT&T's layoffs and outsourcing.
The layoffs are part of the company’s shift to a home-based agent model.
In February, Google Fiber announced its departure from Louisville, KY, demonstrating the significant challenges to building fiber networks, even for well-capitalized companies.
CWA members and allied groups rally in Los Angeles and San Francisco to demand AT&T oppose Alorica’s aggressive union-busting of call center worker union in the Philippines.
Thousands of AT&T workers have already sent handwritten letters to their members of Congress demanding an investigation into what happened to the billions of dollars in tax breaks they gave away to AT&T and other corporations that keep cutting jobs.