CWA members will participate in a global day of labor union action on December 10, International Human Rights Day, to protest the severe repression of labor union and other activists in the Philippines.
The two unions represent call center workers who are employed at many of the same companies or who work at vendors that handle customer service work for those companies.
“This is a big victory for over 100,000 New Mexicans who continue to rely on residential phone service, particularly in rural areas,” said Brenda Roberts, CWA District 7 Vice President. “We have seen the disastrous effects of deregulation in other states.
“Widespread access to strong broadband internet will help bridge the divide for rural Americans to participate in the gains of the digital economy,” said Rep. Khanna.
“The news that Texas has joined the states’ lawsuit underscores that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger is and remains anti-competitive and harmful to consumers and workers,” said Debbie Goldman, CWA’s Research and Telecommunications Policy Director.
“We believe that it is critical that any proposal offered by the Commission provide consumers, state, local and tribal government entities the opportunity to challenge erroneous coverage data,” the senators wrote.
CWA President Chris Shelton: T-Mobile-Sprint merger “remains a bad deal for American workers and consumers.”
22,000 union members continue negotiations with AT&T in the Southeast amid job cuts, broken promises to workers.
The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety received hundreds of complaints over the company’s failure to respond to requests to locate underground cabling.
Martin Hopkins, who worked as a Sales Solution Specialist in Lancaster, Ohio told the Columbus Dispatch about how management permitted the usage of racial slurs and jokes and accommodated customers who refused to be served by a black man.
"Our bargaining team has brought proposals to the table that will ensure that AT&T does not leave communities behind in the Southeast. Our members are prepared to do whatever it takes to support their negotiations," said CWA District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt.